So, remember how I said that I’m not gonna give up my social life in order to watch the ‘1001 movies you must see before you die’ in the shortest amount of time possible? I was also mentioning I still want to watch other films – like new films or my must see movies which I have seen ten times already.

Well. I did get a little behind lately. In the past two weeks I have only seen 4 films from the best movies ever made list. Scandalous, right? Well, clearly, I had no idea just how many distracting factors there are and which can easily result in getting  you off track!

Like spring for instance. Do you know how the first days of spring feel like? Yes, just like that. You just want to hang out outdoors as much as you can and soak up the sun. So movies are pretty much the last thing on your list. But I know what you’re thinking – how about evenings? They are still cold. Well, yes, they are… but… then your birthday comes along! And you decide you want to celebrate in style therefore not just one day (or night), but a whole week (or maybe two?). After all it is your last year of your twenties and to quote my favorite The Smoke line: I think I should celebrate making it this far. After all, for all I know, next year my life is over.

Then when you feel like there can’t possibly be anything else in the way – besides the still incredibly beautiful weather – your old love appears: Figure Skating. The World Championships started just yesterday which is bad enough, because it makes me stay indoors despite the beautiful weather – while watching movies did not prevent me from going outside in the first place! Hmmm… I sense there is something slightly wrong..

But anyway – I did get to see a few. And I need to apologize to the whole film noir genre. Remember how last time I said I always found film noir movies a bit ridiculous? Well, turns out, not all of them are and sadly (I once again realized) it seems I managed to graduate film school without seeing the best film noir examples.

Gilda for instance. It is so famous and yet I have never seen it. Until now. And it’s actually so damn good! Probably, as good as its reputation – which has not always been true for me. I mean, I am sure you know the feeling, too – when you finally get your hands on some classic which has been escaping you for quite some time, and then when you finally watch it, you end up disappointed, feeling like: oh, is that it? oh, okay… And I was actually pretty sure this will also be the case. But luckily, it was not.

Gilda, Rita Hayworth’s most famous role and probably the most famous film noir femme fatale in all its genre’s history (or let’s just say the most famous femme fatale in general!)  is truly irresistible. And not only for her looks. She’s also a very well written character and very well played. Scandalous and utterly original for its times (which is probably why it got so famous, huh?! I can totally see why). And honestly, I cannot imagine anybody else in this role – definitely not any of Rita’s contemporaries. She is witty, she is daring, she is sexy as hell and it all comes so natural to Rita. But above all she just feels so real. I love Rita especially for her films with Fred Astaire – I actually always considered Fred and Rita much better couple than the famous Rogers & Astaire one. I loved the way she danced and I always admired how genuine and true she felt in her roles. Which again – in these times felt so fresh and distinctive. I never felt the same way about any of her contemporaries. So, if for nothing else, make sure to watch the famous Gilda even if you might not exactly be a fan of film noir. It definitely deserves its place amongst the best movies of all times.

And you know what? She is so damn beautiful.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a men’s short programs to catch up on.