I looked at him and was overcome by affection. His big green eyes fixed on me. His pleading look making me feel like I was the only one that could save him. Like I was the only one in his world. Like I was his only chance to be happy. His look almost reliant. I realized there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I was too much in love to deny him anything. Even if I knew I was just plain spoiling him. But who could possibly resist him? He was the cutest looking cat you could ever imagine. He was my cat Aragorn.

It was five years ago when my life has been changed completely. Four little kittens came into my life out of the blue. I’ve only ever had a hamster as a pet when I was kid, and did not plan on getting any other pets anytime soon. Although in my mind I have been playing around with a thought of getting a cat. But some day. Not now. And certainly not 4 at once. But such is life and sometimes it has its own ideas of what is best for you. And usually it’s got it right. Not matter how crazy it might seem at first. And so it happened that 4 kittens entered my life without any warning and completely unannounced – and captured my heart the minute they were born.

With every day that went by, the older they grew, and with every new skill they learnt, the more certain I was becoming I couldn’t possibly give any of them away. How could I? They were like my own children. Without any previous knowledge about cats whatsoever, I watched them take their first unsteady steps and encouraged them to keep on trying. I was there when they first opened their eyes. Or when they were discovering the world and fell asleep half way on their adventures – in the middle of the hall, completely exhausted. I was there to teach them eat their first real meals and to see them making progress in perfecting their cleaning procedures. And trust me – it’s not always been easy! It takes some skills and stability to clean yourself as a kitten. So does shaking off. And at all times I was there to cuddle them and save them from whatever danger that might have appeared – be it a scary looking piece of paper or a cucumber rolling on the floor. Or if they simply did not have enough energy to return to the safety of their cardboard box – I was there to help them in and put them to sleep. I always made sure to make them feel safe – and loved. Since day one. And I’ve never been more happy.


The whole gang resting after some great kitten’ adventures

I never knew what I was missing in my life – or that I was actually missing something. I remember, when I first went shopping into the pets section in the grocery store, I felt like I was finally part of the club – the pet owners club. Like if a whole new world opened up for me. And it really did – a world full of love. My heart was singing. It has opened in a way it never did until then. Broken before, suddenly it was mended. Suddenly I was able to love more. I never believed a pet can change your life so much. But it can. Multiply it with 4 and you’re literally bursting with love! And what do you do with such amount of love? Well, you start giving it away, sharing the love with the world. Your relationships improve and your whole world is painted in different colors. Cheerful colors. Warm colors.

My cats saved me. When I was feeling betrayed by the world, and by the film industry (yes, I was), they gave my life a new meaning and made me see there’s more important things to life than some unfulfilled ambitions. (Not that ambitions are not important, but you get my point here, right?). When I felt like I lost my family and was dreaming of a new one – they came and became just what I needed. A family. A family I never had, but a family that no one can ever take away from me. They not only filled the holes, but they filled the holes I never knew I had.

May is their birth month, and exactly 20 days ago they were 5 years old. They are all big boys now and they make sure to remind me of their greatness and importance every single day, in case I have forgotten. But as I was looking at some old photos and videos from their kitten times, once again feeling a little down by life, I realized that if I never accomplish anything else in my life, I did one thing right. I took these tiny little kittens and gave them a chance. I gave them life. Life filled with love and safety. And I gave them my whole heart. And even though I did loose one of them, which I will never stop crying over, for once I felt incredibly grateful. I realized these three furry friends of mine are my biggest blessings. They are my saviours. My angels. And despite being a pain sometimes (seriously, I do not know why one of them needs to be peeing on things! Naturally, I must deserve it, but I just wish I knew what I have done to have my new stylish boots all stinky..) and make it difficult to even take a vacation, I would never ever trade them for anything. And even when the day comes and they will have to leave this world, I will know I gave them everything I had and that they’ve had a beautiful life. And that is an encouraging thought.A thought, that makes me feel like my life wasn’t wasted. Even if that was all I’ll ever do.


Aragorn today

If you don’t have a cat yet, go and get one. Or maybe two or three. You will never feel lonely again. Or bored. Or in need of a laugh, ’cause they will give you plenty of reason not just to smile, but to laugh out loud without even asking for it. They will give you more love than you ever knew. And they will purr. And purring has some scientifically proven health benefits. So, to sum it up, cats are just healthy for you! Multiply it with 3 and I think you might just live to be a centurion. And I like that idea 🙂 But what’s more – you will get a friend for life. A friend that will look at you the way Aragorn does look at me. Saving that lost little soul and making it happy will become the most fulfilling and heart warming task of your life. And I can guarantee you, they will show you their gratitude – and a cat’s gratitude is the best feeling in the world.