Yesterday, I watched their latest video from the Boho Diaries series. A video that was so personal, so honest and so powerful and which resonated with me so much that I thought, it’s finally time to share with you all my latest addiction. An addiction that is more than healthy, in fact it makes your life more beautiful. Meet Juliana and Mark and the Boho Beautiful Life.

It was in late February when I had to step down from the project I was currently working on for some serious health reasons. My body was physically and emotionally exhausted. The past few years, especially the last one, were so stressful it was just a matter of time when it’s gonna take its toll on me. I knew I had to take some time off. I knew I have to stop. And that this stop is not gonna be short-lived this time.

I decided to take things slowly from then on and more importantly to be kind to myself. I went back to the things I truly love and decided to focus on them and just them. I started to read again and up until now I’ve read more books than I probably have in the last 10 years altogether. I wanted to deepen my film knowledge to gain more confidence in what I do. Hence the 1001 Movie Challenge. I started to meditate on regular basis. And I started this blog. But despite taking things easy, I still wasn’t as productive as I’d like to be, even in these circumstance.

I took the pressure down when it came to exercising. I realized I need to slow down in all areas of my life and I just didn’t have the energy to chase that ‘perfect body’ dream anymore. After all, as far as I was concerned, I looked ok.

But I was missing my endorphins. Badly. You know, the ones that you gain only by moving your butt. But I wasn’t able to force myself to do anything else than Les Mills Body Balance classes, which always helped and made me feel energized. But they only happened in the late afternoon. It wasn’t helpful to feel like I can finally start my day when it was 6pm. And not being a morning person I could never make myself to do a class like that first thing in the morning.

So, I remembered how everyone’s raving about the morning yoga routines. Like it’s supposedly the best you can do in the morning. Hmm, I thought that now that I have time in the mornings, I guess it’s time for me to finally give it a shot.

I opened YouTube and typed ‘easy morning yoga’. And it didn’t take long till the Boho Beautiful videos took my attention.

It wasn’t hard – the beautiful surroundings, in which their videos are shot, really make them stand out. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to miss them.

This was exactly what I needed. Not the boring uninspiring gym videos. But this. Videos shot on beautiful exotic locations. And with such a lovely coach.

I grabbed a mat, pressed play and did my first Boho Beautiful yoga workout. 10 minutes. Perfect! I felt so much better immediately! It made me so excited that for a huge part of the day I carried on clicking through all their videos. And boy, there are so many!

I did the morning workout again the following day. Excited about succeeding, I added another short one afterwords.

As the days went by, I carried on with the regular morning workouts but sometimes I even added one later in the day.

Yes, this is the effect it’s likely gonna have on you, too. The fact that the videos are short (although there are of course many that are longer, too) make you keep adding more. Like ‘oh, that wasn’t so hard! I could do more!’ or ‘oh, I loved that! Actually, I think I could do one more!’. So basically what happens is, in the end, you may end up with a lovely 30 minute workout as opposed to 10 minute one. Or as opposed to none.

And even if you don’t feel like doing anything at all, the fact that some of the classes are just 10 minutes long, will make you do them, and feel much better for doing at least a little something for you. And if in this case you pick one of the Pilates challenges, it really will have an impact on your body, despite being short. Trust me, I talk from my own experience. They are killers! Which I love.

I became addicted and slightly obsessed with this channel and slowly built my way back to the harder workouts I used to do before – Jillian Michaels, tabata workouts and such.

For a while there wasn’t a day without Boho Beautiful. I even started using their meditations (can there be more of those btw? 🙂 ). I could feel my life was getting so much better. I felt more balanced, more at peace with myself. And I was able to do more. Finally.

However lately, with putting back the harder workouts into my regime, I decreased the number of Boho Beautiful workouts. I even started to skip the morning yoga routines and focused more on their Pilates challenges (which really are so damn good!). I was feeling better, so I thought I don’t need the morning routines so often anymore. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.

I started to feel a bit overwhelmed again. Although there was no true reason to feel that way. Yes, I was more involved with the family chocolate business again. And yes, I did start a little side job. And yes, I was working on this blog and trying to learn as much as possible, all at the same time. But that shouldn’t make me feel that way, right? It wasn’t so bad!

I blamed it on being out of shape so to speak, after months of relaxing. However, when I suddenly realized I’m clearly stressed, I realized I turned my back on what is good for me once again.

In order to save time, I skipped the morning routines and I also stopped meditating. Damn. I need to get that back in my life.

Once again, I pressed play on one of my favorite morning routines. And so I did the following day. And then the next. I soon began to feel the difference. My life is simply so much better and much more beautiful with Boho Beautiful in it. And laziness is a horrible thing indeed.

I can’t recommend this channel to you enough. And I just hope you will give it a try. There’s so much to pick from. There’s a workout for everyone, and for any time. I can guarantee you’re gonna love it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Juliana and Mark for what they do. I feel like they’re my friends. And I’m so grateful they let us be part of their lives – or is it the other way around? I don’t know 🙂 but both cases sound pretty good to me.

The video about going back to Ukraine, they shared couple days ago, has resonated with me so much and provided the much necessary kick for me to stop lingering in the past and daydreaming about the future and rather act now, appreciate everything and not worry about the future. Because all is good. And because life is too short to worry about anything.

Let’s be brave and do the most of every moment we have, no matter where we are in our lives. Because as Juliana would tell you, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.