In the wake of the news of the new Doctor Who being cast by a woman for the first time in the tv show’s history, I couldn’t help but wonder – are there any boundaries in today’s world for the Women Empowerment movement? And aren’t we perhaps going a little too far?

Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equality. I do believe women should be paid the same money, have the same opportunities and all that. And I also believe women are more capable than men (sorry, I really do). Are we treated the same way though? No. Especially, if you’re a beautiful woman, people just tend to look down on you even more.

Women have it harder in life, that’s a fact. And even in history, we had to fight for our rights for pretty much everything. And looking at what’s happening in the US nowadays, with their new president (god, do I really have to call him that way?!) I am all for the Women Empowerment movement.

But… aren’t we crossing the line a little bit here? Didn’t we forget what this is all about?

I’m not a Doctor Who fan, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode in my life, but my good friends are fans (big fans!), and I could see the rage this news caused among them. One of them said, and I quote him: ‘I just feel like they’re jumping on the whole over-the-top women rights thing that’s going on at the moment.’

Honestly, I agree.

Yes, I’m a woman. Yes, I do believe in all that I’ve said above. I really really do. But this is really getting a little out of proportions if you ask me. And I myself, being a woman, am starting to be a little fed up with this whole thing..

I do believe women can do anything they set their minds to and that men are not superior to us and never should be considered so. I will never understand a society that doesn’t treat men and women the same.

But I also believe we still need men in this world. That there are certain things men are better at – and vice versa. That one simply can’t exist without the other. But are men constantly trying to prove to us, that they can do the same as us? No.

Women are powerful in their own right. So, why can’t we simply embrace our differences and remain true to who we are? Why are we constantly competing with men? Trying to prove we can do anything they can? Why don’t we focus instead on being the best versions of ourselves rather than being the better versions of men?

Even if we do the same thing, we won’t do it the same way. We’ll do it the woman’s way. Is it better than the man’s way? I’m not gonna get into that… 🙂 But what I’m trying to say is, there needs to be some balance. And there needs to be some space for women to be women and for men to be men and be ok with it.

I want to keep watching films with hot men and keep dreaming about them! I want to be watching guys in suits stealing from a casino giant and to be laughing at their typical boys jokes. I do love them!

And I do want to keep on dreaming about heroes (from old times) that will come and save the day. The last thing I want is a female Zorro or Robin Hood. And I’m a little afraid that this is where it all leads to..

Embracing who we are is what makes us powerful. Embracing the authentic women in us – that’s what’s really powerful. Making the all-female Ghostbusters or Ocean’s 11 that’s not empowering at all. That’s embarrassing. It only shows lack of imagination.

Creating our own unique female heroes (take Wonder Woman!) that’s empowering. Pretending to be something that we’re not and wasting our energy on the constant women vs. men chase that’s just not.

I do think it’s important to show strong female characters and create badass women heroes equal to the male ones – it really is so powerful for us women and young girls especially to see that we in fact are as strong as men and that we don’t have to depend on anyone. But I hate that this whole thing has become such a competition somehow alienating us in the process.

I hate that my friend was actually afraid to voice his opinion. When I told him that I agree despite being a woman, he said that he’s relieved because one needs to be careful these days what he says.

Do we really want our men to feel this way? And trust me, he’s all for women equality, too. But this is just getting out of proportions. I think somewhere in the process we forgot what this is all about.

It’s about the same rights, same opportunities, remember?

What’s happening in the film though (and not just there), is like if a group of girls playing outside would say: ‘hey, let’s play the game the guys played the other day!’ But can you imagine guys saying the same?! ‘Let’s play the game girls played…?’ NO!!! Seriously, it makes us look ridiculous.

Despite the fact that in the case of Doctor Who it does make sense to me as opposed to the other mentioned movies (but again, I’m no fan, I only know briefly what Doctor Who is about) – I mean, he’s been taking on different reincarnations for years, so why not a woman? –  I still do understand the bewilderment it caused among some fans. Especially, given most of the fan base is actually male.. Why don’t we just leave their hero to them?

After all, the differences are what makes life fun!!! We still love our men, don’t we?!

At the end of the day, I want to have that strong man at home who takes care of me and makes me feel safe, because I’m a woman. I’m a woman in all her rights, capable of anything, but a woman who still wants to be saved by her man in a way. Because it’s romantic and beautiful… and a lot of the men actually want to be our heroes. So why not let them? Why not let them be men and us their women? (of course we know that in fact we are saving them, but who cares 😉 )

So I say enough of the all-female films and male characters turning into females. You would never see it the other way around. And if there’s one thing I hate more than remakes, it’s all-female remakes.

Yes, it can be interesting to some extent to see what would happen if women were in charge as opposed to men – but please, let’s just not turn it into a trend..