Can you believe it’s August already?! Actually, I can. As I’m barricaded at home trying to avoid the terrible summer heat that’s going on outside (yes, we’re having another major heat wave here) it only signals to me that it truly must be August as August usually tends to be the hotter month.

Unfortunately, it’s unbearably hot right now. But I’m not gonna moan too much for all I need to do to feel grateful is to remember two years back when in this kind of weather I had to commute to work every day on a train that felt like an oven itself and after surviving the ride of death even function at work. So, what’s lying at home with a book and a homemade ice cream compared to that? Real treat, actually.

But let’s go back to the movies, shall we? 🙂

After all the adventures with Indiana Jones, Zorro and a little dreaming of Provence and Tuscany, August usually asks for a bit more profound fun. But only in a very limited dose. I still need more of the adventures and laugh-out-louds. In August edition you will find a bit of everything.

(Just please bear in mind this is a list of my all-time favorite summer films, not a listing of films to go and see this August 😉 )

  1. Out of Africa

This is the representative of the more profound cinema I was talking about and one of my all-time favorite films. Robert Redford and Meryl Streep falling in love in Africa.. The story is of course far from being a plain romance, it’s a story of a woman who faces (too) many challenges and in the end has to give up everything she ever cared for. Talk about strong female characters. I love this film to bits. One of the most inspiring stories you will ever get to see.

If you’ve never felt the need to go to Africa, I bet you will after seeing this film. Sydney Pollack’s definitive masterpiece. It’s visually stunning, and I’m not even mentioning the music score. I mean, have you ever heard anything more (epic) (dreamy) beautiful? Seriously, this is one of the best films ever made (and rightly on the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list).

out of africa

  1. Casino Royale

Honestly, any time is a good time for Casino Royale but somehow summer makes it even more appealing – don’t ask me why.. (perhaps the Venice scene?!). My favorite of all the Bond movies, this film just never  fails, despite the fact I’ve probably seen it like hundred times. Seriously – it’s been a cure for many my of sorrows in the past and a successful one.

There’s just something very healing about watching a hot good action hero chasing the bad guys and just killing it (literally). Especially one that’s as hot as Daniel Craig. The chemistry between James and Vesper (the wonderful Eva Green) is remarkable and their dialogues keep me entertained despite knowing every word by now. And Judi Dench’s M never disappoints either.

And the fact  that a lot of important life events somehow include this film, makes it all the more special to me!

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Now we’re back to the true summer fun! As much as I hate the later instalments of the Pirates of the Caribbean, I do love the first one with every inch of my heart. I still remember seeing it in the cinema for the very first time, witnessing something very magical – not only has this been a ressuraction of a genre that’s been missing in cinemas for far too long, but it was also a birth of an iconic and possibly the most entertaining character who has ever graced the film screen. Captain Jack Sparrow was a complete revelation.

At that time, it really was the most original character and Johnny Depp’s portrayal was just pure joy to watch and I don’t think you would find a single person (apart from the Academy members of course) who would not give him an Oscar for it at that time. Sadly, the charm of the character has faded with time a little especially as it was a start for a line of similar characters for Johnny Depp becoming the opposite of what was desired – boring.

But I always try to forget all that and simply enjoy the ride, and remember how magical it all felt back then, when Jack Sparrow wasn’t part of the pop culture yet. Probably the best summer adventure there ever will be (I mean it has it all – pirates, open sea, lady in distress, forbidden love.. and happy ending!).

pirates of the caribbean

  1. Winettou

Ok, before you start to laugh, let me tell you that every person living in this part of the world would tell you that summer’s used to mean Winettou. Yes. Used to. There’s nothing really great about these films from today’s point of view, I’m not gonna kida ya’, but it’s just nostalgia!!

When I was growing up this is what was on tv EVERY summer and in the prime time. The Indian Summers is what it was called and it was a big deal! 😀 And guess what? It’s back on tv this year. Perfect for the days when it gets way too hot (like today) and you just sheepishly look at the tv screen. Plus it has the right kind of heroes who share the right values.

(And yes, I grew up with a dad who wanted to be Old Shatterhand when he grows up, so there you go.)


  1. Six Days Seven Nights

Did you have enough of Harrison Ford for the summer? I thought not! This is another of my favorite comedies with this giant. A girl gets stuck on a deserted island with the one guy she cannot stand and then they fall in love. Too much cliché? Well, maybe – but this is a very well done cliché! It would probably not be so much fun without Harrison Ford, but luckily he’s here and he’s hilarious, as is Anne Heche (such a shame we’ve not see much of her in the later future) and I do believe this film is unfairly underrated. It really is a great fun and a perfect comedy.

  1. The Thorn Birds

Oh, love is hard sometimes! Especially when one of you is a priest. But such is life and we don’t always get to pick whom we’re gonna love (I know this too well by now). As with Winettou, I grew up on watching The Thorn Birds as it was my mom’s favorite film ever (tv mini-series actually made by BBC).

The story of a forbidden love between a priest, Ralph de Bricassart, (Richard Chamberlain) and Maggie (Rachel Ward), a girl who grew to love him. This is the ultimate romance. When I was a kid and dreamt about being a writer one day, I always imagined writing a saga as beautiful and powerful as this one. It’s not just a romance though if you watch it carefully (or read the book that it’s based on). It’s also a story about pride and ambitions and their cost.

Plus, Richard Chamberlain is smoking hot here so I bet you will quite sympathize with Maggie.. 😉

the thorn birds 2

  1. Singin’ in the Rain

Ok, this is my latest addition into the summer mix. It’s only two years ago that I put it on the list, before that I used to consider it more of a winter film or a great fit for Christmas. But as I’ve learned in the summer of 2015, it’s crucial to have a film with (singing and dancing in the) rain, when there is no rain in your real life. Trust me. That year, the hottest year in our history, there was no rain for weeks, the grass pretty much disappeared from everywhere and everywhere felt like you just stepped into an oven (including your own home). So, having rain at least on your screen was actually surprisingly refreshing! It also reminded me that rain truly does exist (and that when it comes, I shall be singing and dacing in the rain, too).

So, do take my word for that and prepare yourself a rainy film for summer, you never know when you’re gonna need it! (…. so you can be haaappy again 😉 )


And that’s it! These are my August summer films. Make sure to check my July picks, too if you haven’t yet and if you don’t feel inspired enough! There surely is no reason for them to be watched in July only.. 😉 And don’t forget to let me know yours in the comments!