I’m sitting by my table sipping on my coffee listening to the thundering skies. It’s so quite outside. All you can hear are the thunders coming in one continuous sound. It’s magical, mysterious and dangerous all at the same time. The lightening skies.

I love thunderstorms. They always bring a great deal of peace into my heart and also ignite the inner child in me. The inner child who keeps dreaming of the impossible, who loves the fantasy stories and likes to create her own. There is just something so damn inspiring about thunderstorms.

Of course I would probably think otherwise being caught in one of them outside. But from the safety of my apartment, I can’t help but appreciate its beauty. Especially the storm I am watching now – it’s pure perfection.

The thundering stops and it’s completely quite for a minute. Then the rain starts to fall in the most perfect rainfall you can imagine. Just straight down to the ground, a light steady rainfall. No crazy wind. No slamming of the doors or your windows by the drift that’s getting out of control. Just the perfect sound of the rain falling down.

Apart from igniting my imagination, storms are also a symbol of hope for me. You know how storm always comes in the right time when the weather becomes unbearable, clearing the air and making the world beautiful and enjoyable again? I feel the same way about life.

Whenever there’s a storm in my life, it’s there for a reason. It’s there to make space for the new, by letting go of the old. It comes to clear the air, to bring the much-needed change, because life simply isn’t going to work this way any longer.

Storms are nothing but new beginnings to me. When the rain is gone and the sun shines again, you can start over. And when a storm comes into your own life, it also comes at exactly the right time even if at the time being you might not feel that way.

It might change your direction. It might not be welcomed at first. I did have other plans this afternoon, too, other than spending it at home. But the storm is always right. There’s nothing like bad timing. Trust it.

So, next time, when a storm appeares in your life out of the blue, don’t fight it. Let go of what no longer serves you and breath in the clear air. Embrace the change and move forward.

Let go of the constant need of trying to control things.

A clean blue sky is waiting for you once it’s over and it will feel more beautiful than ever, making you feel more alive than ever before.

The lightening and a thunder. Too much magic. Let it work for you.