Oh, Moana! How come it took me so long to get around watching this one? But then again, I believe there are movies or books that come your way at just the right moment of your life, so you could fully appreciate them. Perhaps, this was just another case for me.

Moana, the latest Disney animated adventure, is like a sum-up of all the most important spiritual teachings, so vital to remember in our every day lives. But the teachings that we so often forget to apply despite knowing better. And in that sense, it doesn’t get much better than that. After all, it is a Disney movie, so it’s wrapped up in a fun adventure story. And if every little girl (or boy) grows up with a story like that, then I’m not worried about their future at all. Because hopefully the seeds will be planted and grow naturally in their spirits.

Set in Ancient Polynesia, Moana is a daughter of the chief of the island they are living on, set to follow in his footsteps and become a chief herself one day. As much as she loves her island and her people, there’s a voice inside her that would not give her peace. It’s calling her to the Ocean. She has no idea why, but for as long as she can remember, the Ocean has been calling her and she finds it really hard to ignore it.

As you listen to Moana singing lyrics like ‘Everybody seems so happy on this island. I could be too. But the voice inside sings a different song’ doesn’t it remind you of something? It surely does to me. I could so relate to the feeling of having the same as everybody else yet for some reason not being content with it. Something keeps calling me, telling me there’s a different route for me, that there is something more to life.

Perhaps you know that feeling, too. And perhaps, you hear the calling of a forgotten dream of your own. Something that’s been calling you, but to which you tried to resist, because it didn’t make much sense to you or you simply thought it too crazy or irresponsible to follow.

And yet, till this day, your life has not brought you the peace and happiness you wanted. You don’t feel fulfilled. You don’t feel happy. Something is missing… Something that’s been calling you but you never wanted to listen to.

Perhaps it’s time to change that. Because you’ll never be fully satisfied and happy until you do the one thing that you can’t get out of your mind. It got to your mind for a reason. Trust me. Or take it from Moana.

As Moana realizes the Ocean has chosen her to avert a curse that’s been put on the world and her island, she sets on a journey to find Maui who’s the key to reverting this curse. Together they need to return the heart of Te Fiti.

On the journey she fights many challenges, especially when she finds out Maui is not exactly the person she imagined him to be and at first even refuses to set on the journey with her. However, she refuses to give up because she believes she’s been chosen to do this. But as things get harder and Maui eventually abandons the mission, Moana almost gives up, too.

It’s such an amazing example of how life works. Yes, you too will be challenged on your journey, and at some point feel like everything is against you. The Universe will put as many obstacles on your way as possible but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Each of them has its purpose, each of them is shaping you into the person you are supposed to become.

Maybe you will find out you were set on the journey for different reasons than you thought in the first place, maybe your final destination will be other than you thought. And maybe you’ll discover who you’re meant to be by failing to be the person whom you thought you should be (or whom everyone told you to be).

You will get lost along the way, not sure of what you’re doing. But trust your instincts keep moving forward and you’ll get there. And always remember that every detour serves its purpose. As long as you set on the path of your inner voice’s calling, you’re going the right way.

You might even get to the point you’ll want to give up and feel like this has been a terrible mistake and you’re not the right person for this. That the inner voice must have been wrong after all. But it’s often at the very edge of your power when the breakthrough finally comes.

Only when you get to the point of giving up, you will realize you can’t. You went way too far to give up just now. Even if it means taking a route you didn’t think of taking before. Like when Moana realizes that if Maui won’t return the heart of Te Fiti, she might as well do it herself.

There are so many lessons in this wonderful story and it’s so empowering to watch! And I suggest you just get the songs from the soundtrack and put it on your self-empowerement playlist! Cause it works. It’s awesome.

All the teachings from the books by some of your favorite spiritual teachers come to life in this Disney adventure – certainly not a place I’d expect them! But all the better surprise.

When you’re meant to do something the Universe will conspire to help you achieve it, even if at first it doesn’t seem like it – like when Moana asked the Ocean for help and it brought her storm instead. But that storm actually took her to the island where Maui was. What first seemed like a disaster, turned out to be a good luck.

The story of Maui, who has spent all his life trying to be good enough for people, but he never really succeeded, teaches us that you should never let anyone determine your worth. The Gods saved Maui and made him a demi-god, so he thinks that without them he’s nothing. But it is not true.

People or circumstance can help you to become who you are, but at the end of the day, it’s only up to you to decide who that person is. You have become the person you are through your own actions. Not anybody else’s.

So never try to prove other people your worth. You know your worth and you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

It also teaches us that sometimes strength lies beneath the surface. Sometimes very deep. Remember Heihei? lol

And that if you lose people you love along the way, remember, that they will never leave you, for they will always stay in your heart and make you stronger. Because when you truly love, you can never lose, for the loved ones become part of us.

So, to wrap it up – whatever you do, no matter how long you put off listening to that inner voice, make sure to set on that journey as soon as you can. You never know where the journey might take you. In fact at first you might not even know where you want it to take you. But if you have that call inside you, without being able to explain why, just do it. Listen to it. Go for it. At the end of the journey something great awaits. Something you were meant to be since the very first day you came to be. Not listening to the voice would mean missing out on your life, yourself and your purpose. You were put here in this world for a reason. Don’t try to silence that voice, it’s why you’re here.

Sing with Moana instead! 🙂