I know I owe you all another film themed blog, but bear with me for a little longer, as I wish to pay a tribute to somebody very special today. Somebody without whom I’d probably not be on the path I am at now. And somebody who has left us yesterday.

It all started with The Lord of the Rings – yes, there you go, none of my blogs could possibly be totally film reference free! Same as my life, as it seems. Now you’re probably wondering what on Earth have The Lord of the Rings in common with Louise Hay, right? Well, I don’t blame you for being rather surprised by this. But in my world pretty much everything has something to do with LOTR one way or another. Not only I decided to go study film thanks to this trilogy, but it also brought me to Louise.. carry on reading to find out how.

Was Louise a LOTR fan? Well, I have no idea. I’d like to think she was, but there surely is no evidence whatsoever that would support this thought. But I was a huge fan. And this fandom has expanded to one of the guys on screen – Orlando Bloom. That’s right, the guy I dreamt to be my husband by now when I was a teenage girl – which you already know if you read the All You Wanted to Know About Me But Were To Afraid To Ask post (and if you haven’t yet, oh you so should!).

Unfortunately, before I got my shot, certain Miranda Kerr came around and married him. Oh well.

Surprisingly though, this Victoria’s Secret Angel was more than just another pretty face (and body). She was smart as it turned out and had her own skin care company – KORA Organics. Passionate about everything healthy and about clean living, she had this blog on her KORA Organics website as well, where she tried with the help of others to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest.

I became hooked and a regular reader. And it was through this blog I became familiar with the first few Hay House authors.

I was introduced to a whole new world. A world that tried to convince me there are no limits and that I can do anything I want. I was excited to find out there is a thing called Hay House World Summit, too, later in the years, and I listened to so many wonderful interviews that were oh so inspiring!

Although all this existed thanks to Louise who pretty much started the whole self-improvement movement back in the 70’s, inspiring generations of new spiritual teachers, it took me a long time to actually grab one of her own books.

But when I did, it finally all started to make sense.

You Can Heal Your Life was my break-through. I might have listened to tons of podcasts, read many books that inspired me but none of them had such a profound effect on me up to that point. It was while reading this book when all these teachings were no longer just an ‘idea’ or ‘inspiration’ but became part of my own mindset. With this book my outlook on life and myself finally changed – for good.

Louise’s loving way of writing tought me to look at myself with love. She tought me to never put myself down. She tought me not to judge myself. No matter the situation. And she tought me the most valuable lesson of all which continues to be a great help in my life and with which I try to face any of my fears: by comforting my 6-year-old self. I’m not gonna let that child down. I have to be strong for her. And I always try to be the person I’d like to have around when I’m scared or faced with difficult situation.

But Louise impact on my life goes even deeper.

If it wasn’t for her, there would probably not be so many wonderful authors who inspire me further more. To name just three of those that made the biggest impact on my life – David Michie, the author of the Dalai Lama’s Cat trilogy, Michael J. Chase who tought me about kindness and the radical practice of loving everyone, and Kris Carr who’s such a warrior and game changer and simply one of a badass girl (who conquered cancer!)

The works of all these people has had and continue to have such a profound effect on my life. But would I ever hear their stories and what they had to say if it wasn’t for Louise in the first place? I have no idea. We can only wonder what would our lives be like if it wasn’t for her… But do we really want to? No. We were lucky. We were blessed to have her.

Louise changed the world for the better and her legacy will live on. In all of us.

If I think of my own life before discovering the wonderful world of the Hay House and the way that brought me to it – my LOTR obsession, Orlando Bloom fandom bringing me to (his now ex-wife) Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics blog, I can’t help but think life has indeed some funny ways! It’s just another proof that everything happens for a reason.

I don’t know where I would be without Louise. I think my life would be a sad place. With not much joy and a lot of pain and self-pity.

I’d like to think that despite not being part of the Hay House family, I, too, am contributing to Luise’s mission and therefore her legacy.

People often ask me what is my goal with this blog. Well, I’m lucky enough to be able to merge my two biggest passions here – movies and inspiring people. Movies are my tool. But to inspire is my ultimate goal. To inspire the way so many great people has inspired me before. Sharing that love. Sharing that wisdom. Making maybe just a few lives better. Even one – if I can do that, then I have paid my debt.

So, don’t you ever underestimate any of your passions no matter how silly they might seem. You never know where they can lead you.

You never know when a movie can bring you to enlightenment.

Dear Louise, you were a gift to this world. Thank you for showing me that all is well in my life and that life loves me.

Rest in peace.