This past Sunday, it’s been exactly 6 months since I started this blog. My aims and goals have much changed since then as when I’ve first started out I didn’t have much clue of where this should lead. All I knew was I needed to write. I also wanted to challenge myself with the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die for both personal and professional reasons and so I thought, that’s what I’m gonna write about. And my first few posts were indeed dedicated just to the 1001 Movies Challenge.

Long story short, I thought it’s only fitting that my first post after the 6 months Anniversary should be dedicated to this challenge as well. Especially, since I have not exactly been challenging myself too much during the past two months… *shame on me*. But hey, it was summer, right? Holidays and all..

I did in fact see a few films and one of them was Total Recall (1990). Call me ignorant, I’ve never seen it before. I was of course aware of its existence and the fact it’s a classic but growing up I was a girl who looked for more romantic stuff than Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

But Total Recall has exceeded my expectations! Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi classic is far more than just another action movie with Arnie and Sharon Stone (whom both can’t really act, has anyone noticed yet?). It’s actually pretty smart. And it presents some ideas which I find absolutely fascinating.

So for those you, who are like me and don’t have much clue what this film is actually about, here’s a little sum up of the storyline:

In the world where you can buy holiday memories and have it implanted into your brain, we get to meet our main hero  Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who keeps dreaming about taking a trip to Mars. (Yes, that’s right – Mars, there’s a life there.) Little does he know though that he’s actually been there before and his dreams are not really dreams but memories. Let’s call it implantation gone wrong, he shouldn’t be remembering anything at all.

Step by step, he comes to realize the truth and even finds tapes of himself telling him what happened and what he needs to do now. I won’t give out any more spoilers in case I’m not the only alien here who’s not seen this film until this point, and will just say that of course he will return to Mars and reunite with his old love – a pretty badass female heroine, if you ask me – Melina (Rachel Ticotin). Part of me just wants to be as cool as her. That’s a women empowerement right there! Back in the 90’s people… 😉

Total Recall is a classic 90’s sci-fi with all the good and bad. But what I found absolutely fascinating about it and what makes it stand out for me is not only the fact that these visions the film presents, have not turned out to be as much of a sci-fi ideas some 25 years later, but also the whole idea of the travel agency that allows your mind go on a perfect holiday..

Talking of the visions that more or less did come true, I’m of course not referring to the Mars civilization and all, nor the automatic taxis, but to how controlled by technology we really are.

When Douglas is receiving the instructions from himself on the tapes… I couldn’t help but think wow, this could so easily happen nowadays. We are so controlled, our lives are being watched… we don’t even have a clue how much. You could easily just have an accident happen to you after which you would not remember a thing and perhaps it would not be an accident after all…  I might be making up my own fantasies here now, but today’s world, politics and all just makes me believe this would actually be possible. Not the implanting part of course. But you get my point..

There is just something so damn wrong with this world and with what the technology has done to it – and us. As much as I love it, I also think it has been manipulating our lives way too much.

However, even more interesting to me is the thought of having your holiday memories implanted! That’s right. You pay for a holiday let’s say in Malta and all you need to do is pay to the travel agency, sit on a chair and have it all implanted. After you wake up, you will feel like you’ve been there, had an excellent time and totally stress free.  Just the perfect holiday. Without any hassles, no tiring travelling, no delayed flights or lost baggage, no problems with money or accommodation or planning ahead, or even finding your way around. That easy! Who wouldn’t want that, right? Well…. me.

As much as I hate planning my holidays… Isn’t life all about the experiences?

Yes, I’d prefer if that creepy guy in New York wouldn’t be following me, too… but then again, it was an experience and nothing bad came of it.

Would you really want your life to be so problem free? So perfect?  I mean, it surely sounds tempting, I know, tell me about it! But would you really…? Isn’t it the small imperfections, the feeling of being lost and then finding yourself that makes especially the holiday what it is?

How would you grow and learn if you never experience any trouble at all? I for myself must say that there is no better feeling for me than solving out a problem whatever that problem at hand might be – I feel like a hero to myself for handling it so well after all! Like ‘hey look! I did it! I can do anything!’ Yes, cause I am capable and strong and next time I’ll be braver and feel more secure. But it’s these kind of situations, no matter how stressful they might seem, that make me see it. They’re just challenges to help me grow. And I love to grow.

It’s the never-ending learning process that makes our lives so interesting, so fun and so unique and special. I know, I know… I hear ya’, I would spare myself of some lessons, too… But then again everything that happens in our lives just shapes us into the person we are supposed to be.

And with holidays especially… Come on! You won’t even remember the bad stuff once it’s over! Only the good will remain and the bad will be forgotten – or it simply won’t seem so bad anymore. It might even become a funny story you’re gonna tell to your friends or your kids… or your grandkids. And as one of my friends once told me, we should all try to live the way that creates stories for our grandkids to be told. And I intend to do so! I actually have a few already… 😉

Life is an adventure. And we should all be brave enough to embrace it. Because at the end of the journey we’ll be so much stronger and so much richer in memories.

So, don’t you even dare to be so lazy to dream of taking a holiday the Total Recall way! 😉

Here’s to life!