Is it just me or is Christmas happening too often these days? Either that or the time is flying by way too fast..

It’s second half of November and everyone’s preparing for the Holiday Season. The ads are about everywhere now, consistently spreading ever since the end of October, and the blogging world is hooked on all kinds of ‘Christmas favorites’ topics.

And even if I for myself try to avoid these as much as I can, trying to enjoy the last bits of Autumn and convincing myself there still is enough time to even think about Christmas, truth is in two weeks time (but yes, there are still 2 more weeks to go!!) it’s gonna be the first Sunday of Advent which means Christmas is upon us before we know it and there will be no escape to the joyful season after that point.

Normally, I’d be beyond myself with happiness. ‘Cause I’m the kind of person who starts playing Christmas music the minute November starts and would love the Holiday Season to last for months. Or so I used to be.

This year though, I’d much rather spend it the Kranks way..


For those who don’t know what I’m talking about – Christmas with the Kranks is a light comedy starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen – and as I have only just learnt, based on a John Grisham book of the same name (aaand there it goes right into my Amazon shopping basket with just one click :D).

I don’t really know anyone who knows the film or even likes it for that matter and if you check some reviews online they’re gonna be pretty bad. Yet for some very odd reason, me and my sister absolutely love it (must be in the blood) and it’s one of our Holiday classics (I mean, the scene with the ham!).

Meet Luther (Allen) and Nora (Curtis), the usual married couple, whose daughter Blake won’t be spending Christmas at home for the very first time. And since Christmas is not gonna be the same without her, Luther comes up with a genius idea – he counts how much money they spend each year on all things Christmas and comes to a conclusion that for that price they could buy themselves a wonderful Caribbean holiday instead. And so it’s decided – the Kranks are skipping Christmas this year – altogether. No decorations. No cards. No presents. No nothing.

While my reasons for skipping Christmas might be totally different from the Kranks’ and I could definitely not afford a Caribbean holiday for the money I’d save on skipping it, the idea of spending it somewhere on the beach, sunbathing, soaking up the sun… and not thinking about Christmas at all… aaah, sounds way too good if you ask me!

Yes, this might come as a surprise to anyone who knows me even just a little bit – the former Christmas freak, singing Christmas songs since November and for whom Christmas has always been a big deal – pretty much the one thing you look forward to all year round.

But honestly, it’s just happening too often! I swear when I was younger, the time was passing by way slower..

And then there are personal reasons.. certain fears and doubts for which I wish I could avoid Christmas altogether. It brings back memories I don’t really want to think about. And even if I thought I’m over those, recent developments in my personal life just opened up some old wounds that made it even harder for me to face.

However, as Dr. Quinn would tell you – and you know she’s ALWAYS been right – the old wounds would not bleed if they were fully healed.

So yes… I guess Christmas is the final step. Perhaps, I need to face it the same way I faced New York last month. And that was a big win on my part! After all, I don’t think anything can be harder than that..

So you know what? I’m gonna put that bloody Christmas playlist on and I’m gonna win this. I’m gonna win this last fight with my past.

I’m gonna do the Christmas shop window for my parents’ Chocolaterie (eh, why does it still sound like a torture?!) and I’m gonna survive it. Heck, I’m gonna rock it, as I always do. Christmas is not gonna bring me down. Not this girl.

Christmas songs? Bring it. Christmas lights? Sure, I’m all about the lights. The joyful spirit? eeeh… okay, not quite there yet, but I’ll try :D.

It’s not gonna be easy, but since I intend to make 2018 my year, I guess I need to face all my demons before this year is over.

So, yes, I’ll try my best. Because Christmas and me has had a long history going on together. And I just need to rediscover its magic – because I will not let anyone or anything in the world take that magic away from me. I know it’s still there somewhere.

And you know what? I’m even gonna fight it in style by booking myself a trip to Christmas Markets in Vienna. Now – who’s got the courage here?! (oh my, is that the craziest idea ever?!..).

So.. wish me luck..  I’m gonna need it as part of me is still shrinking while even just typing these words. Or thinking of hiding just like the Kranks did when their house was ambushed by their neighbors because they didn’t put up Frosty..

However, the Kranks didn’t go through their plan either in the end as their daughter surprised them by returning home for Christmas.. So, perhaps there is a surprise awaiting me, too, for being brave and facing it after all…?

…though if Luther appears on my doorstep with the flight tickets they couldn’t use.. well, I can’t make a promise.


To all the people out there for whom Christmas is not just all that joy, for whatever reason – you’re not alone! But we CAN get through this! <3