As most of you know, I made some huge changes in my lifestyle this past year. My goal being creating a life that I would actually enjoy, one that would make me feel good on the inside and one that I could be passionate about. And also life that would be healthy for me as my health was sending a clear message.

I realized a lot of the stuff I knew and preached, I didn’t actually put into practice that much and it was about time I started to.

I wanted to create a life I could be proud of and didn’t feel the need to run away from – and for that I needed to find myself again – or perhaps rather create myself.

I’m happy to say, I have more or less succeeded and 2018 will be all about creating myself further. I know where I’m going now and I’m passionate about my new journey and excited about what lies ahead.

However, it did not happen overnight, and there have been several tools that helped me along the way and without which, I would probably not make such progress. So, if you’re looking for some lasting changes in your life too, here are some tips that could make a huge difference – so why not to take them with you into the new year? 😉


I remember wandering into a bookstore in search of something inspiring early in the year. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for to be honest, but feeling totally uninspired and with my mind being a total mess, I stepped into the store like if something was calling me there. Looking back now, I can see so clearly what it was that brought me there that day. It was a book that was about to change my life and which was waiting to be discovered:

The Dalai Lama’s Cat trilogy by David Michie.

You know the saying when the student is ready a teacher appears? It couldn’t be more right.

There’s never been anything that would bring so much peace into my mind – and life. Reading these books is like a therapy. A therapy that’s practically free –  only for the fee of the three books.

I have read tons of books and blogs before from today’s leading influencers and life coaches, and so I knew most of the things already that The Dalai Lama’s Cat was discussing – after all, all this self-improvement movement draws vastly from the thousand years old Eastern philosophies. However, no book before has ever made these philosophies so clear and so easy to incorporate into your every day life.

By seeing the world through the eyes of a cat, who is learning the Buddhist philosophy as she goes, in her every day life by observing Dalai Lama, you’re learning along with her. And it all comes so natural. It’s not pushy at all. It’s pretty much up to you to take up the lessons – or not. But trust me, you will..

The book’s not trying to convert you into a Buddhist – it merely offers some ideas and a certain outlook on life. One that’s all about self-development, love, and all about living our lives to the fullest. It’s about trusting your instincts, about living in the moment. About constantly learning and improving to become the best version of yourself. And how to actually put it all into practice. Isn’t that something we all strive for?

I swear these books should be a compulsory read at schools. If kids grew up with this mindset, the world would be a much better place.

The Dalai Lama’s Cat trilogy made a huge impact in my life and I will forever be grateful to David Michie for writing these books because they helped me in my darkest hour. Even now when I feel low, I grab it and read one of the chapters and feel better instantly. It’s like having your own psychologist for free 🙂 – and always at hand!


Discovering the Boho Beautiful Youtube Channel has been without hesitation one of the greatest discoveries of my life. Where Dalai Lama’s Cat has provided the philosophical background, Boho Beautiful has helped to put it all into practice.

These Yoga and Pilates workouts, as well as meditations, are a game-changer. The best part being, even if you’re short on time, you will always find something that will fit into your day.

You have ten-minute workouts here, twenty-minute, even five – targeted at certain areas of your body. Or you can mix it up and create your very own unique workout that fits your needs.

You will also find a workout for any of your moods – feeling tired today and just wanna wind down? Try their Yoga for Deep Sleep or one of their Relaxing Yoga Flows (this one’s by far my favourite!) Wanna kick-start your day and truly work your body but you’re short on time? They got you covered – how about a 10 minute intense workout that will wake up all your muscles?

Want a challenge and have a bit more time? How about a 21 Day Pilates Challenge?

I’ve been doing their workouts since early March without doing much else (I used to do Jillian Michaels workouts and a lot of cardio and put a great pressure on myself) and I swear my body has never looked so toned – and so slim. And I’ve never felt better!

Their yoga workouts are like two in one, too – a yoga and a meditation. So, if you’re not a fan of meditating (though it’s highly recommended) try to do yoga on daily basis instead. I SWEAR it will make a huge difference in your life!

(Not convinced yet? You can read my previous blog on Boho Beautiful and how it changed my life here.)


It’s not a coincidence that books are called the food for the soul. Make reading your daily habit, even if you’re not exactly a bookworm. Pick one book that interests you – be it a novel or some inspirational read perhaps, whatever catches your attention. Just try to dedicate few minutes of your day to reading.

I myself have always loved books, but was somehow neglecting them using the same old excuse of lack of time to read. But this year I made it a habit to read daily before going to sleep and I can tell you, everytime I skipped it, I could tell the difference in the morning, by the quality of my sleep. So give it a go!

Try to read one chapter a night before going to sleep. It’s like a meditation. So, if you can’t meditate, grab a book – read for 15 minutes (or more) and then turn off the lights. Your mind will get a break and you will sleep like a baby. That is, unless you read a horror story of some sort 😉

Honestly, you will be surprised how beneficial reading can be for your sleep and your overall mental health. And also, how many books you can actually read in one year! I’ve read 15  – more than I have in the past ten.


I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times – you should meditate on daily basis. Not sure how? Well, Boho Beautiful’s Youtube Channel can once again assist with that as they have some great meditations as well, or you can try Kris Carr’s meditation album Self-Care for Busy People. This was actually the album that helped me make meditation a daily habit back in 2016. I especially loved her Meditation for Peaceful Sleep as well as her Pep Talk Meditation which you can try for free on her website!

However, as much as I recommend to meditate daily, even if for just ten minutes, I found that reading as well as yoga workouts have the same benefits. So as long as you can do at least one of these things every day – or even two – you’ll be much better off than doing nothing and will get to see great improvements in your overall health 😉 Of course doing all of those is the best way to go, but I myself sometimes skip the meditation for reading instead, especially when I do yoga as well.


I wasn’t born yesterday – I know that cleaning up your juicer just sucks! Big time. It’s always been the biggest obstacle on my way to juicing, cause I’m way too lazy for that, even if I absolutely love fresh juices.

But I wanted to take in the benefits of juicing and joined one of Kris Carr’s – the biggest juicing ambassador – Instagram Juicing challenges. And that got me going.

Juicing is not just healthy, but it also greatly affects your mood, your energy levels and generally makes you feel better and much more focused.

So, if you don’t have time to do it daily, make it once a week! Make yourself a juice during the weekend as a treat and to let you re-energize for the new week ahead. The beauty of it all is, that your body will develop a habit for it and will start to crave it more and more and bit by bit, without you even realizing, you will find yourself juicing regularly because your body will just ask for it and because you’ll know you’ll feel much better after that. And that’s worth the 10 minutes spent cleaning up your juicer, no?


And I mean it. It’s so damn important to make time for the things you love! It makes such a huge difference. Even if it is twenty minutes a week, or five minutes a day. Make sure to do something that’s fun, that you’re passionate about or that simply makes you happy. Make it part of your life, no excuses.

Is it staying in and having a movie night once a week with a glass of wine munching on something good? Or is it a time spent in the kitchen making something delicious? Is it reading a book on your sofa with a cup of coffee in your hands? Is it meeting up with friends? Or perhaps painting, writing or something creative you don’t seem to have time for? Is it going for a walk into the nature? Or perhaps it’s bigger things like travelling and taking a month of the year dedicating it to discovering the world (not necessarily in one go). Whatever it is, make time for it, make it a priority and don’t feel guilty about doing so!


In today’s hectic world, we should all take time and stop from time to time. And I mean really stop.

Sit in your garden or your favorite park and watch the seasons change… take it all in. Appreciate the beauty. Smell the blooming trees in spring, notice the colors in autumn.  Notice how the fresh snow sparkles. Breath it all in.

Or simply go to your favourite cafe and do not take your smart phone out of your bag. Sit. Taste the coffee. Smell it. Notice the people. Appreciate the moment. Breath.


Turn of that bloody smart phone of yours at least one hour before going to sleep and try to not switch it on until after your morning routine. Honestly, this makes such a huge difference! I know it’s important staying connected these days, and it’s very addictive, but unless you’re in a long distance relationship with different time zones included (trust me, I know), try to switch that phone off. I mean it 😉 You can just as easily check how many likes your last post on Instagram has tomorrow morning!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? And what are some habits you need to get rid of? Share in the comments! 😉