Dear 2018,

I’ve been waiting for you for a while now. Despite trying to enjoy every bit of 2017 to the fullest, and  generally having fond memories of the year that has come to its close, I am excited for what’s to come because I have a feeling you’re gonna be by far the best year of my life.

My instincts have told me long time ago. After all, you are the year of the eight. And I like the eight. I was born in a year of two eights.

You are the year when I’m entering a new decade. The first year of my thirties. And I intend to start this new chapter in an epic way.

I intend to use it as a new beginning. No more looking back, just ahead.

…but not as much as to let the present slip away, cause life is happening now.

I know who I am, I know what I want and from now on I shall be living my life and be unapologetically me.

I want the best and I am not afraid to ask for it.

I want the best and I am not afraid to work for it.

I want friendships that last, friendships that are honest and  friendships that might be a little inconvenient sometimes but always unconditional. I’m talking of the Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbs kind of thing and nothing less will do.

I’m done with waiting for the people to fit me in their plans.

Just be aware – next time you look you might not fit into mine.

I’m done with chasing. Chasing after love, chasing after money, chasing after attention.

The only thing I intend to keep on chasing are my dreams.

Because I aim high – I wanna reach for the stars. And only I am gonna define what the stars are for me.

I want happiness and no regrets.

I want love and I want a man who cannot live without me. A man who’s so crazy about me he goes out of his way just to let me know he loves me.

I want it all – or nothing. And I’m not settling for less.

I wanna keep my heart open, but I shall be more careful as to whom to trust with it.

I want a job that I could love, a job that will inspire me and a job that I would enjoy. Because to me, it is important – and nothing less will do.

I wanna travel the world as well as return to the places I love. I wanna take that annual trip to New York City which costs me fortune but which has become part of who I am and I don’t want to be explaining it to anyone.

I’m done with explaining myself to the world.

And I’m done with defending my decisions.

If you don’t understand me, it’s fine – I don’t understand myself either sometimes, but that’s what makes life fun.

I don’t expect anything from you and what I give I give for free.

The only thing I ask for is to put your limiting believes aside.

If you think I ask for too much, that’s okay. I’m just sorry you think you don’t deserve more.

I wanna keep my rose-tinted glasses on if that’s what you call it. And I wish you could see the world that I see.

Because this year, and in this new decade of my life which is about to come, I’ve come for everything they said I can’t have.

And I’m ready to take it.

Because life is happening now – it’s no rehearsal.

And because some falls are never-ending and I wanna make damn sure that every second of this fall is worth it.

I’m not afraid of failures anymore because all they mean is I’m trying. Can you say the same?

And I don’t feel the need to fit in anywhere nor any of your ideas of normal or sensible or responsible.

Because I am unapaologetically me. And I intend to live my life the way I want. The way that makes sense to me.

That is my promise to you, 2018.

And I’m grateful to you for giving me the chance. The chance of a lifetime.