If you’re anything like me, you spent all of your spare time in the last two weeks glued to your TV cheering on your favorite athletes and watching the Winter Olympics. Now comes the hard part though – saying goodbye. How on Earth are we to go back to reality?! Life suddenly feels so empty! Like when your favorite TV Show ends… I KNOW you know the feeling!

It’s not even been 24 hours yet and I already miss the never-ending source of inspiration the Olympics always provide. Watching all those amazing athletes, fighting the impossible… it’s just so so powerful and inspiring. And too easily it all becomes part of your every day life – something, that makes it a bit more fun.

Yes, I am a huge Olympics fan! And Winter Olympics are by far my favorite, though I’ve learned to watch and enjoy the Summer ones as well. But winter sports are somehow way more interesting. Plus it has Figure Skating! And my god, was the Figure Skating competition worth it this year!!  (Hi, Tessa & Scott fans!).

But most importantly, I love the Olympic spirit – I love how the whole world stops for those two weeks and all eyes are on the Olympians, the true heroes. And by the whole world I mean even like Hollywood. Even the Oscars usually get pushed a bit because of it. And I love that! It’s like a trip to a different Universe for those two weeks, to a much better world where you feel anything is possible and where you re-gain your faith in humanity.

The sad truth is though, that the Olympics were wrapped up yesterday and now we need to wait another 4 years… and I don’t know how about you, but I don’t even want to think about how old I’m going to be once the Beijing Olympics kick off lol.

So, yeah, it’s time to go Olympic-sober, which is not as easy as it sounds for some of us, but luckily I have a cure for you, which hopefully will help you ease the pain.

With these 5 films you can re-live the Olympic experience for a little longer and step by step return back to your normal life… and to watching amazing films!  So yeah, it’s not all that bad, is it! I’m not gonna lie, I saw zero movies throughout the Olympics so it’s about time I make my return and I’m pretty excited! 😉


Eddie the Eagle

Ever since he was a small boy, Eddie’s always had one dream  – to make it to the Olympics. It just took him a little while to figure out which discipline will be the one for him as he did not seem to possess much talent for sports in general. But Eddie would not let anyone discourage him. After all, the Olympics were all he ever wanted..

This true story of an English ski jumper who without much previous experience makes it to the British Olympic Team as a Ski Jumper, is so contiguously inspiring! I swear it took me through some rough times already. It’s like an energy booster,  filled with so much positivity and optimism. It truly is contagious. And a great reminder of where there is a will, there is a way 😉 It just takes a little while to persuade the outside world about it – as it always does. Or Hugh Jackman, who becomes Eddie’s coach against his own will. Jackman by the way is absolutely brilliant in this role and probably the main reason I keep coming back to it!



Cool Runnings

Once again inspired by a true story of the first Jamaican Bobsled Team, this movie is a classic 90’s feel-good comedy.

After Derrice Bannock doesn’t make it into the sprinters Olympic team, he decides he’s gonna go to the Olympics anyway – if not as a sprinter, than as a bobsledder. He then persuades the disgraced former Olympian Irving Blitzer to become a coach of the first Jamaican Bobsled team ever.

Once they make it to the Olympics, they are of course being laughed at and looked upon as the underdogs. Nevertheless, the Jamaican team is not gonna give up..

Once again a story that’s both inspiring and entertaining and which reminds us we should ALWAYS follow our dreams and don’t let the world bring us down. If you truly believe in something, the fact that no one’s done it before you, doesn’t mean anything.

…because that’s the kind of stories Olympics generate



Both Kate Mosely and Doug Dorsey worked hard all their lives on that one dream – winning the Olympics. However each of them in a different discipline – Kate is a figure skater who loses her chance for an Olympic medal when one of the lifts throughout her and her partner’s program goes wrong. Doug is an Ice Hockey player and a captain of the American team who loses in a match against West Germany. After both Doug’s and Kate’s ambitions go unfulfilled, Kate is searching for a new partner and Doug is forced to retire from hockey career due to an eye injury.

However, when Kate’s father and coach in one, recruits Doug as a new partner for her, the seemingly disparate pair could just become the next big thing… Only if they wouldn’t hate each other so much.. 😉



The young and beautiful Robert Redford playing a not so nice of a boy. Who would resist that? But the film is of course about so much more. It’s a very unique, artistic take on the lives of the athletes.

As Roger Ebert so beautifully put it:

Some of the best moments in Downhill Racer are moments during which nothing special seems to be happening. They’re moments devoted to capturing the angle of a glance, the curve of a smile, an embarrassed silence. Together they form a portrait of a man who is so complete, and so tragic, that Downhill Racer becomes the best movie ever made about sports — without really being about sports at all.


I, TONYA (2017)

This might not be centered entirely around the Olympics, yet this highly acclaimed biopic is till a great fit into this c

ategory. But be warned – this is not your typical nice girl becomes a famous figure skater kind of story. I don’t actually think, Tonya is anything you would expect a lady figure skater to be! She’s different and there’s tons of thing wrong with her and her life… And yet, at the end of the day, she will inspire you anyway. Why? Because she didn’t give up. Yes – she was different and she has been punished for it, which eventually lead her to despair and some pretty ill decisions none of us could ever approve of… But still. Watch it, you will be inspired – if nothing else, than by the marvelous performance given by Margot Robbie.