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As this week is my Birthday week – yep, this girl is entering the dirty thirties this weekend! – I decided to take on a little challenge on which I would love you to join me! And it’s an Instagram Photo Challenge, so fun guaranteed! 😉

You know how so very often we tend to feel bad about getting older and feeling sad for the things we have not yet accomplished and the dreams that did NOT come true? Well, how about we focus on the good things for a change. Remember all of your dreams that actually DID come true?

Think of all the things you wanted when you were a kid – just small stuff that might seem so unimportant nowadays – like being able to decide for yourself if you shall buy that dress or not, because you’ve earned your own money! Ah, that freedom! 😉 You may not even realize it, but I’m sure the 12-year-old you would kill for some of the stuff and experiences you’ve had by now!!

Remember that one place that’s been on your bucket list long before those way more exotic and far more expensive places became your true temptation? Remember the concerts you attended? Or perhaps the love you’ve experienced which you’ll never thought you’ll know.

Anything that’s once been your dream – from owning all of the 7 dwarfs (yes, me!) to landing your dream job, seeing the city of your dreams or meeting your idol. Or getting yourself a cat which your parents would not allow you. Anything goes!

Sounds like fun? Then join me and my Instagram Photo Challenge: 10 Days of Dreams that’s starting this Wednesday – March 21st!

And how can you take part? It’s easy! Follow theese steps:

1) Follow me on Instagram

2) Keep me tagged on all your photos that are to be part of the challenge

3) Use the #10DaysOfDreams and #InstagramPhotoChallenge hashtags

4) Post one photo with a short story describing your dream that came true every day for 10 consecutive days starting March 21st!

And that’s it! As easy as that 🙂

Join me in celebrating my milestone – but more, in celebrating life and our dreams! I can’t wait to see and read your stories! I will also pick my 6 favourites once the challenge is done and give you a shout-out on my IG account.

Can’t wait and see you soon on Instagram!

I SO hope you’ll join me!! 🙂


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