Have you ever had a dream? Well, Rapunzel surely did. She wanted to go see the floating lights. She didn’t know what they were nor why she was so drawn to them – all she knew was, that they were somehow meant for her..

One thing I totally love about Disney movies, and especially those recent ones, is the fact they are not just stories for kids and great fun for everyone else, but also that they hide so much truth and wisdom within their stories.

I have no idea if kids can actually absorb all that, but I hope somehow, subconsciously they can. And if that’s true, we’re gonna have a whole new generation here of fearless individuals, who grew up on the wonderful stories of Tangled or Moana.

Disney always symbolized following your dreams – after all, that’s how it all began. With Walt Disney having a dream. And its this message Disney films have been passing on to generations and generations, but not as powerfully as in the recent years. And I think it would make Walt really proud.

So – have you ever had a dream? Have you followed it? What was it like? I bet the feelings along your journey were not too different to those Rapunzel’s been experiencing..

Remember how she jumped out of the Tower for the very first time and then stopped just inches above the ground unsure if she should actually let go? There it was, grass… the outside world.. all that she’s been dreaming about for so long – and yet she hesitated.

Perhaps you found yourself hesitating too. Because either we like it or not, sometimes we get more scared of the fact our dreams are actually within our reach than of the possibility of failure.

‘What if it’s not everything I dreamt it will be? And what if it is? What do I do then?’

Can you relate? Yes, sometimes we’re too afraid that our dreams are actually gonna disappoint us, that they will not be the way we imagined them or simply, that by reaching our dream and making it a reality, we will lose that dream.

I for myself, have been through both cases. I reached a dream and then felt like there is no more for me to dream of in that area of my life. I felt lost and unmotivated, because as much as I have achieved my dream it hasn’t turned the way I thought it will. It didn’t make me happy. But – it was my dream and I have reached it. So what was I to do now? What next? There didn’t seem to be ways to dream more in that field..

But I also reached other minor dreams that felt like everything I ever wished for and then some. And those dreams did not make me feel deflated. In fact, they just made me wanna dream more.

Because as Eugene replies to Rapunzel’s worry of her dream actually coming true and being everything she ever dreamt it to be:

‘Well, that’s the good part – you get to go find a new dream.’

Exactly. Even if many times our dreams may not turn out to be the way we imagined them, they still move us to the right direction. They offer something we were meant to find along the way, something we wouldn’t find otherwise. So in that sense, even if you end up living a completely different dream, it’s still gonna be part of the very first, original dream you decided to follow. If you never set on that journey in the first place, you would have never discovered it.

And yet, even if we know all that, there’s always the ever-present doubt and remorse. And I don’t think this kind of internal dialogue has ever been better depicted than in Tangled when Rapunzel gets out of the Tower:

‘Can’t believe I did this! I’m never going back!’

‘I am a horrible daughter, I’m going back.’

‘I’m never going back!’

‘I’m a despicable human being.’

‘Best day ever!’

Sounds familiar? 😀

I can definitely relate!

It’s a sad truth, that pursuing our dreams means making certain sacrifices, adjustments and certainly leaving our comfort zone. Things not everyone around us will understand. And it’s usually those people around us that hold us back – we think about how our actions are gonna affect our loved ones. If they will approve. If they’re gonna miss us… What will they think.. Will they think our dreams are foolish? Will they understand at all…

Truth is, there will always be somebody who will not understand and whom you’re gonna hurt with your decision to follow your dreams. But if they are the right people for you, they will understand eventually. And if they won’t, well, time to find your new tribe.

You may be fighting the remorse and doubt especially right after you take the leap. It’s the most challenging time. But trust me, at that point you will realize there’s no turning back despite all the doubt you’ll have in you.

‘I’m letting you out of the deal. Let’s just turn around, get yourself home.’

It’s that moment, when Eugene offers to take Rapunzel back, that she finally realizes, with absolute certainty that there IS no turning back. That above anything else, above all the remorse and self-doubt, she wants to see the floating lights. She must see them. Because she knows they are meant for her. And that’s the turning point.

So try to imagine what it would be like if you quit. If you gave up and turned back. Or even if you haven’t set on that journey just yet – it’s often those no-sayers that motivate us the most. That make us see clearly – by trying to take that dream away from us.

So no – don’t you ever let the world around you take your dreams away from you or discourage you. And if you come across people who don’t seem to understand or tend to put you and your dreams down, well, they are most likely the people who never had their dreams fulfilled. Don’t judge them and try to remind them what their dreams were instead.

But don’t you ever let the world define you and your dreams. Remember that scene from the pub? Even the most unlikely of dreams for the most unlikely people can come true.