Autumn may not be the most romantic of seasons (although I tend to think it is) but it sure is the most cozy part of the year. And along with that coziness, the shortening days, mugs of hot tea and a blanket around your shoulders (ah, not quite there yet!) it’s the time when a romantic comedy comes most at hand.

I’ve got a set of movies for each season and as much as I love sharing my personal favorites, I also highly encourage you to create your own lists. It’s gonna make the changing seasons all the more fun and once you turn on that specific movie, it will be like meeting with an old friend. Happiness all around.

I can use a good comedy (or romance) all throughout the year, but there’s something about autumn that makes me long for the kind of movies with just about the right amount of romance – and humour.

Perhaps it’s the way they make my evenings all the more cozy and homey.  And perhaps it’s because it’s all the romance I can get these days 😀

Whatever the case, here’s a short list of my autumn go-to movies should you need some inspiration and I am eagerly awaiting your personal tips down in the comments 😉

The Devil Wears Prada

As I mentioned last year, The Devil Wears Prada is my ultimate ‚back to school‘ (or rather back to work) movie. With the summer heats over, and after much lazing around, it is time to get back to work! And there’s seriously no other movie that does trick for me better than this one.

After all, September is also the month of the Fashion Weeks, so hey, totally in place! And after couple of months when all you could wear was the tiniest and thinnest of your clothes, it’s also nice to go and shop for some actual clothes that you’ll be able to wear once the temperatures drop – aka enjoying the pure sesnsation of the fabrics on your body and therefore the fashion 😉 😀 And once again, no other movie can serve as a better inspiration 😉

On another note, The Devil Wears Prada also makes me appreciate how lucky I am to no longer have to answer to a boss like Miranda Priestly… or not for the time being! So yeah… let’s get back to work so I don’t have to look for one… 😉

You’ve Got Mail

I could write a whole blog post (if not a book lol) about this one! And actually, it’s only a matter of time that I will. Most likely sometime this autumn if I can actually bare myself to watch it since I’m NOT going to New York City this year. The one place this movie is all about. Or the one movie New York City is all about? Hmm… not entirely sure.

As much as New York City is my soul city, You’ve Got Mail is my soul movie. This movie embodies everything that I am. Romantic soul, writer…somewhat poet. Book lover, storyteller. Children’s book lover. Believer in fate. New Yorker at heart.

…the inability to say exactly what I want at the moment I want 😀

My total obsessed with Upper West Side, Zabar’s and Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan as the ideal couple.

It’s the kind of comedy that‘s just not dumb. It’s got great writing, great pacing, great actors. And that extra daydream factor. Just LOVE.

And now somebody please take me to New York, thanks!

The Lake House

This one calls for November weather! Don’t ask me why, as it features pretty much all the seasons (as do all of the films really) but every time the weather gets somewhat miserable, it’s time for Sandra and Keanu! 😉

Another film, centered around letters – something I am a total sucker for. I love writing letters – the real old-fashioned thing on paper. But also in an email where the only difference is it’s not written by hand and the absence of the paper, but has the style of the most personal of writings. I call those letters, too.

I just love to write. And I love the whole fantasy idea of this movie. Unlike my mom.

The Lake House is of course no comedy, however whenever I happen to watch it with my mom, it kind of turns into one. She just can’t accept that time game lol. She’s too logical, she just doesn’t get it and always asks me million questions about how could this happen, and how could that possibly happen… Well, mom, it’s just the filmmakers game! You got to accept it.

No. Never.

Truth is, I don’t think she doesn’t want to. I think she just simply can’t 😀

Notting Hill

Who would not love Notting Hill! The movie and the real thing 😉

This yet another beloved classic by the genius of Richard Curtis is like a caress for the soul. A tasting of what’s to come in the upcoming months (hello Love Actually and Bridget Jones!).

As much as You’ve Got Mail is my ultimate New York City movie, Notting Hill is my London one.  And I’m so glad I’m over the short period of time in my life when I couldn’t bare to watch it as the story became all too personal for me.

Luckily, that’s behind me now and so I’m asking you – can you beat the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts combo? (unless it’s Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks of course 😀 ).

There’s nothing particularly autumn-ish about this film, apart from that one scene where Grant walks throught the Notting Hill market all through the changing seasons. However, it is exactly this one scene, that always pops in my head when you say Notting Hill and which makes me feel all autumny.

A scene which by the way, is nothing but genius if you ask me. One of my all time favorites (if not THE favorite scene of all time).


I honestly hope you are familiar with this French classic – a series of films actually.

The movies about Angelique, the most beautiful, most fearless and the most in love of all women – with the man of her life, Joffrey de Peyrac (a convicted sorcerer).

I grew up with these films and saw them probably as many times as many years I am here on this planet. But it became the perfect autumn afternoon background in my home – for the activities like cross stitching or simply sipping on my tea and munching on that Sunday cake 😉

Doesn’t get more homey and nostalgic than that!


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