Few months back, I was struggling with regaining my connection with films. I felt a bit lost, unsure where the passion has gone. Problem was, I haven’t had time to really watch anything new for far too long. And it was then when out of boredom I searched for a film songs playlist on Spotify. There seemed to be only one that looked pretty good and so I pressed play and let myself get carried away by the oh-so-many beautiful stories translated into music.

My mood was lifted in an instant as if by some miracle. As I listened to all those beautiful songs and playing so many beautiful, powerful stories in my mind, I felt happy. And empowered. Just like by some magic.

If there’s one thing I love about films it‘s the power hidden in their stories. They are inspiring stories. They are stories larger than life. They are the stories about people who went for their dreams, reached their goals… struggled but never gave up. They are stories of love that seemed impossible. Love that changed hearts and lives even if it didn’t stay. Stories of heroic actions. Told by beautiful visuals. And all that is depicted in the beauty of film music. SO powerful.

Music is the best storyteller. Music is the storybook you can use on the go. With today’s technology, you can literally take it anywhere with you. Play your favorite film in three to five mins in the form of a song. The power of those songs is the power of the stories shrunk into three minutes that are possibly more powerful than the movie itself because they carry all the emotions. And because music is and always will be the most natural thing to the human mind. The one thing that inspires us above anything else. The one thing we respond to so naturally… without really knowing why.

If you invite science into answering this question, it may provide some insights though. Since the first part of our life is spent in the womb where all we can register are sounds, it’s the most natural thing to us even throughout our lives. It was the sound that started it all. And so it’s the sound that can be so powerful. Change are mood. Change our whole lives. Yes. Believe it or not but one song, at the right time, can make all the difference in your life.

And it certainly can make all the difference in the way your body feels. In the way your mind feels. In the state of your sanity.

Music is the cure, no matter the diagnosis. Whether it is classical music, film music, pop music, jazz music… all music has some story to tell. It’s a way of sound telling us a story. Passing on some vibes and moods. Sending a message of sorts. And our subconscious mind accepts it without a failure, on automatic. Based on our different experience, it’s gonna translate into different moods or different feelings, eventually leading to different kind of effect. But it WILL affect us, in one way or another.

For me, as somebody who believes at the core of everything are stories, film music is the ultimate choice. The best film music, the best film songs are those that you hear and they take you right back into the story. Or to a specific scene. Like when you listen to The Lord of the Rings soundtrack and you know exactly what’s happening… Each step of the way. LOTR can be a bit of an exceptional example, as that one is more of a symphony than a ‘regular’ film score, but the point is, film music can make you see the entire story right in front of your eyes without using any words whatsoever. It’s like magic.

As much as I admire great storytellers and filmmakers who can translate all these beautiful words into even more powerful images, I will forever have the greatest admiration towards music composers. It’s one thing to tell a story through visuals, but quite another when all you have is sound. And that alone is insanely inspiring. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have this kind of creativity within yourself…

And because music can be such a powerful medicine and source of happiness – but sometimes it’s so easy to forget it – I put together two different playlists with my favorite film songs out on Spotify, because none of those that’s been there quite matched my personal idea of the best Film Songs playlist 😉 And today, I invite you to do the same!

As I said, I created two playlists for myself – one is what I call ‚The Ultimate Film Songs Playlist‘ which includes allll my favorite songs even if they are utterly heart-braking (but somehow even these work as a great inspiration simply by being so powerful <3 ). And the other one is a shorter version, with songs that should lift your spirits – fast. That one I call ‚Kick Start Your Day With Film Songs‘

What will your playlists be like? What songs will you include? Some of my ‘Kick Start’ songs may not be all so cheerful but I find they just make me feel stronger and inspired…

Listen to the lyrics. Make them work for you. Make the love songs be the love songs you sing to yourself. Make them your personal hymns!

Ask yourself how deep is your love? Take your breath away each morning 😉  Take your passion, and make it happen. Believe that love is in the air. Believe there are strangers like you. And whatever you do stay alive. And remember – a million dreams is all it’s gonna take. And if you need to, just go ahead rewrite the stars! Because nothing’s gonna stop you now. And a little less conversation and a little more action is always the recipe! 😉

Music has an amazing power. It has a power to change lives. Use its power. Use it and change your life.

And above anything – have fun with it!! 🙂

…and let me know how you’re getting along! I’d love to know 🙂