LA LA LAND. The one movie for all the dreamers. Made by dreamers. About dreamers.

A celebration of the city made of dreams. A celebration of all of us who want something so badly, that we go so stubbornly towards it, not taking NO for an answer. Not even considering NO to be a possible answer.

Again and again, we pick ourselves up and try again. Because giving up is not an option. Because giving up means giving up on ourselves. Our lives. Our dreams.

Are you one of these people, too? If you’re reading this blog, you most likely are. Or perhaps you’re just looking for inspiration to find that courage you need to go and fight for your dreams. To become one of us – the dreamers. And you know what dreamers hate? A defeat. Or compromises.


When we want something so badly, it gets really hard to accept a defeat. Or to compromise on our dreams – though very often we get to feel like we have to, otherwise we’ll never achieve anything. Not even half of our dream..

Perhaps this compromise is the best we can ever get? And so it surely is better than nothing, right? Perhaps we should not be so greedy. Perhaps we should feel grateful for this opportunity. Or perhaps we shouldn’t aim so high in the first place. Perhaps we should set smaller goals. Compromise.

And you know what I say to that? Screw compromises. You should NEVER compromise on your dreams and I’ll tell you why.


When Damien Chazelle first dreamt of LA LA LAND he had this perfect idea in his head. An idea he never thought he could fully make reality without any compromises. Because that’s not how it works in real life. Or is it? I mean how often does it happen that you get EXACTLY what you asked for..

Nevertheless, he and his crew sat down and asked themselves:

What would be the absolute best possible version of this film? If we didn’t have to look at money or anything. Let’s just think of the IDEAL version.

And so they did. They put together the ideal version of Damien Chazelle’s dream project. And as such they presented it to the studio. And you know what happened? The film you see IS that ideal version. Miracle? Luck? Not really.

The thing is, when you put your heart and soul into something you truly believe in, when you give it your all, people will pick that up.

People love what other people are passionate about.

Remember that quote? It’s true.

If you’re passionate about something enough for others to see it, if you believe in something with every cell of your body, there’s probably a reason why. And chances are people will pick up that energy. They will pick up the vibe. They will pick up the enthusiasm.

When you compromise, when you don’t give your best, ideal version of whatever you dream of making reality, people or even the Universe may not support you because there’s simply something missing.

When you don’t give your best people will know. The Universe will know. You will know.

The possibility of success is much lower then. Cause people actually are looking for greatness. If you wanna dazzle them with your idea, you have to give them your BEST IDEA. You have to give your all. Because you know how your ideal version came to existence in the first place? It is the ORIGINAL idea. Unloaded of all the self-doubting thoughts like ‘is this even possible? Maybe it’s too complicated? Would anyone be interested? Is this idea too expensive? Is anyone ever gonna support this crazy idea of mine, let alone invest in it.’ STOP that thought process NOW.


LA LA LAND was a work of love. Of passion. Everyone who worked on it gave their best. But especially Damien Chazelle (and Justin Hurwitz) because it was his dream project. He made that dream reality because he believed in it so much, that against all odds he managed to convince others about its greatness too. He managed to secure the funding for his IDEAL version because he didn’t compromise. Because most likely, if he presented the studio with a compromised version, it would lose some of its magic. And therefore they would not believe in the project enough.

It may not be true always, especially not in the film industry, I know, but what can you lose by giving your best? At anything that you set out to do… Worst thing that can ever happen is that you will know you did your best and that you did not compromise. Some things are just not meant to be.

But what if you did not give your best, and then for the rest of your life kept wondering – what if I did? Would that make a change? Perhaps I could reach my dream if I just did not compromise..

There’s absolutely no risk at giving your best. However, there’s a great risk when you decide to compromise. Certainly, there are situations in life where you have to. No life is ideal from start to finish. But what you should NEVER compromise on are your dreams. Because dreams create your reality. And because you have those dreams for a reason. And because if you’re passionate about something, if you truly BELIEVE in something, people will pick up on that energy. And who knows, maybe one day, it’s gonna be you up on that stage holding an Oscar in your hands – whatever that Oscar may be to you.

So keep on dreaming. Keep working on your dreams. Don’t give up. And don’t compromise. It will be worth it in the end. I promise.

Now go and watch the film again. It’s just so damn good!! <3