Do you ever wish you had a coach in your life just like Rocky? And no, I don’t mean to teach you boxing (although why not if you’re interested in that kinda thing 😉) – but as a life coach. Cause where the true strength of the Rocky films lie – and the Creed movies perhaps even more so as that’s where he truly becomes a coach to Adonis – is in Rocky’s character and in the words he says. So simple. So true. Just common sense. And yet so wise.

And in that sense, I truly hope and believe that these films do not only appeal to the male audience but also to the female part. And why am I even saying this? Well, two weeks back when I went to cinema to see Creed II, to my surprise I was the only woman in the audience. Seriously. Funny enough, it didn’t occur to me for even a second that this could happen!! These films are about much more than boxing – so I hope you ladies know it too, and this was nothing but an ‘accident’ 😉 But just in case, carry on reading 😉


With all honesty, Creed II is nothing new, it’s just another of the Rocky movies revamped for the new generation – another of Rocky’s previous stories made fit for the character of Adonis Creed. Generally speaking, all of the films – even the original Rocky ones – are basically the same story told over and over again in a slightly different wrapping. But that’s what we love. And that’s what we want. The key is, it’s always a job well done and pretty good watch which leaves us feeling inspired. The overall encouragement it offers, the ‚never-giving-up attitude‘, that’s what we carry with us when leaving the cinema. And yes, I bet we all feel like we can get through anything after watching one of these. And that’s what really counts.

But as I was looking back at all the films from the series and comparing each of the storylines in my mind, I suddenly realized that the recurrence of pretty much the same stories over and over perfectly mirrors life.


Ever felt like you keep fighting the same kind of battles in your life over and over again? Only the circumstance change a little, and the ‘enemy’ might change as well. With every battle you get stronger. They do not become easier, you just gain more confidence and skill in fighting them. You’re trained better, so they might feel easier. But then you always get to the point when you think you’re the winner and there’s nothing more to prove. Or perhaps you just lose focus.

When Adonis finally wins the World Champion title, he thinks he’s done it. That’s it. He’s the champion. There’s nothing more to prove to the world. So, when he’s challenged to fight the son of a man who killed his father, he accepts because his ego tells him he is the Champion so surely he must win.

Actually, he may not have been 100% convinced himself, doubt was creeping in, but he was confident enough because he’s had enough experience. And he’s done his training. He truly believed he could – or more like SHOULD win. It was just another boxing match after all, wasn’t it.

Well, perhaps it was, but perhaps Adonis may have lost his focus..


Whenever in life we feel like nothing can surprise us anymore, a new challenge usually appears. But often we fail to see it as such. Instead, we think it’s just another of the things we’ve been through million times, therefore we sure know how to deal with it. Our ego’s done pretty good job at convincing us of our invincibility in given matter.

But the truth is, we are NEVER invincible. For we always grow. The process of growth is never-ending. The journey’s never finished. We’re still becoming the person we are meant to be. In every moment of our lives. And without failing, without learning how fake our invincibility actually is, we can never grow, we can never reach the new heights. For if we do stop to grow, well then our life is basically over. Growing is what it’s all about. And as sad and frustrating as it might sometimes feel, we will never get to some point where we would have it ALL figured out, where we could deal with anything and everything without being challenged. We will never know EVERYTHING.


So, when life presents you with a situation you feel you’ve been through million times before, we may feel tempted to reach for the already proven solutions and patterns in order to deal with it. However, that could be mistake. It could be a mistake if we fail to understand that this isn’t the same kind of situation at all. That this is in fact completely new lesson to be learned.

We fail to recognize it, because we have lost our focus. We forgot what is our ‘why’. We may have known our ‘why’ before… but what is our ‘why’ now? Is it truly applicable in this case, too? You have to have a ‘why’ for everything you do in life.

Yes, I said it. Otherwise, your bones may get broken (literally in Adonis’ case) and you may be left wondering what the hell has just happened? And why..?

But the biggest harm will be done to your ego, because your ego spent an enormous time and energy on convincing you of your invincibility. But you know what? Such a shake up is actually a good thing. It means it was needed. Only it might take a while to recover.

Adonis stopped believing in himself after the lost match. He stopped to feel the need to fight. Because he didn’t know WHY he was fighting in the first place. He did not know what defeating Viktor Drago would actually meant to him. As soon as he found his ‘why’ though, he was able to do anything. He was able to go far beyond what he thought he was capable of.

And it’s the same in life. If you fail and you’re faced with the choice of trying again, in order to succeed you need to find your ‘why’. And then approach it accordingly. Fully focused. Cause no two situations in life are the same. Not entirely. Therefore you can’t use the same approach. Sure it can be similar, after all – boxing is still boxing – but you need new strategy for each new situation that arises. And the fact you actually failed the first time – especially in something you feel like you shouldn’t have – is a huge indicator of something being out of sync. So look within. Find your ‘why’. And is the former ‘why’ still relevant? Is it truly applicable in this situation, too? Or do you feel like you’re in a vicious circle fighting the same battles…? Perhaps there’s a message there you’re missing.. Perhaps you need to find a new ‘why’. Or simply use a different approach.

Same as every opponent is different, every situation in life is.

The challenges appear to teach you new things, new skills. Skills you didn’t have before – strength you didn’t know you’ve had. So pay attention.


The whole message of all of the Rocky & Creed movies though is fairly simple: never give up. It’s all about no matter how hard they hit you, you can always get up again and fight them. No matter how hard the match becomes. No matter how many broken bones you have. You CAN do it. Because you must. Because losing is not an option. Because losing only means you lose – and you can’t lose in your own life. No matter how hard it gets. So keep on fighting – but most importantly, make sure you know what you’re fighting for.