It was a simple decision I made in December last year: I decided to live my life in 2018 being unapologetically me. A seemingly simple decision, that changed everything.

2018 has been magical. No, it’s not been easy, it wasn’t stress-free and yes, it was emotionally exhausting. But it was exciting. And it was beautiful.

It was exciting because I was living an authentic life. It was exciting because I finally connected with my true self and at the same time grew into a person I really enjoy being.

A person who enjoys her life, no matter what comes her way.

And it all started with deciding to be unapologetically me. It all started with a simple decision and a song that became the soundtrack of my year ahead:

I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I’m meant to be, this is me
Look out ’cause here I come
And I’m marching on to the beat I drum
I’m not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me


And it was a year, I was reminded that a million dreams is all it’s gonna take.. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion than The Greatest Showman throughout this crazy, exciting journey 2018 took me on. It truly became the symbol of my year, always pushing me forward..

And the thing is, as soon as you make a decision like that – like being unapologetically you – and start living it, miracles will start to appear. Slowly… but surely. One by one.

I have made connections with people which have been deep and genuine. Connections I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I’ve finally took some major steps towards fulfilling my dreams, learning to truly trust my inner calling – and my own gifts. And to the process of life.

And all that have led me to a place far beyond my expectations.

I may not be rich by money, nor have thousands of followers, or tons of new friends, and yes – half the time I’m still unsure of what it is that I’m actually doing, but I’ve learned to thoroughly enjoy the process. And besides, I am rich – in happiness and a few genuine people I’m lucky enough to call my friends.

And so for 2019 I am saying YES to life. I am saying YES to the unknown. To conquering my fears, to taking the roads not just less traveled, but perhaps never traveled before. Without fear. Putting the doubt behind. Trusting life. Trusting the journey. Trusting myself.

In 2019 I am saying YES to love. Without fear. Without doubting myself. Without asking too many questions or looking too much ahead.

I am saying yes to life.

I am saying yes to my dreams. Even if the road is unclear. I am marching forward. Putting the fear behind me.

I am saying yes to ME.

I am saying yes to it all.

I have learned once and again that good things take time. That patience is the key and that timing is everything.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason and at a perfect time. You’re given people and experiences in your life just when you need them even if you think they are not what you need at all at the time being.

Embracing and accepting the unplanned is the key to happiness. Learning to just jump. Take the chance. No regrets.

Saying yes to life.

Not fighting it anymore. Trusting the process. Changing your mindset.

Try to believe good things don’t have to be hard to get. Try to believe life can in fact flow easily. Not without obstacles – but easily in a sense of accepting and acknowledging the obstacles as tools to grow. If something bad happens to you, don’t ask why me, say TRY ME.

I am saying yes to life. I am saying yes to love. I am saying yes to my dreams. No matter how much I may fear. Only an open heart and an open mind is ready to receive all that it deserves. All that it asked for. And if you start asking loud enough, if you truly believe in what you’re asking for, and act upon your believes, trust me – you WILL RECEIVE IT ALL.

2018 has been a proof of that. And so I am saying YES to more. More life, more love, more me.

Are you with me?

Take that plunge. Take that challenge. Be a little crazy. Go with the flow. The flow of life. YOUR life.

I am saying yes to life.  And I am saying yes to living life from the state of constant bewilderment.

Here’s to 2019 – and living our lives fearlessly.

Happy 2019!!