Monika Fülöp graduated from Cinema Studies at Masaryk University, Czech Republic in 2010. After that she dived into the world of film festivals, spending 6 years as a crew member of Prague Internation Film Festival – Febiofest. She started as a production assistant working her way up to the Film Acquisitions. Acquiring all the screening rights for the festival, she was in close touch with many international distributors and production companies. She also largely participated on the dramaturgy of the Children Films section and had the privilege to advise on films to the Artistic Director when needed.

Her other film festival experience includes working in Guest Service for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Monika has also tasted the film set life, when she worked on couple of projects with the biggest film production company in the Czech Republic – Stillking Films.

And last but not least, she also briefly worked for MIDPOINT – The International Script Development Program as an assistant of production, where her passion for writing has once again been sparked.

Today Monika’s slowly shifting into the life of a writer, helping others find happiness through movies and changing the discussion about film in general.

As of August 2018 she is a Certified Happiness Coach and currently working on obtaining a full Life Coaching Certificate (both by Transformation Services Inc.)

She’s also working on her first book.