My Story & Mission

How it all began..

My self-healing journey began in 2010 after I finished University and felt a bit lost career-wise and generally in the grown-up world. I needed to find confidence, I needed to find myself.  But I was struggling and had no one around me to provide the much needed support. I was surrounded by negativity.

It was then when I discovered the wonderful world of Hay House and its authors. Fascinated by all that I’ve been reading, I dreamt of one day being able to inspire people, too. But who was I to give advice?

Flashforward to February 2017. I hit the rock bottom. My professional life became too frustrating, seemingly leading nowehere other than from one disappointment to another, my passion for it gone, and my personal life fell into pieces. Yet, I still fought my battles. Or tried to. Until my health sent a very urgent warning message. It was time to stop.

Finding happiness

It was time to take a break and to heal. Time to reconnect with myself and my passions. There were much more important things than getting the coolest job that’s out there (despite in reality not being half as cool as expected). There were other ways to be HAPPY.

I was dying to find that happiness – the one that’s not dependant on anyone nor anything. The one that starts and ends with me and which I can take anywhere I go.

As I dived even deeper into the self healing process, reaching out to more and more inspirational speakers and writers on my quest to happiness, I also began to write myself. Because writing has actually been the one thing that always made me happy.

I also returned to films – just for the good old pure joy of watching them.  And finally, I was inspired by them once again. I was inspired by the stories. I was inspired by this amazing art form that I’ve come to love so much and that has become such a driving force in my life. An art form which I feel is being so underrated.

Why movies and how they can help you

Truth is, movies can be powerful tools for change. They can spark a revolution, if not in the world then surely within ourselves – and that’s pretty much the same thing. Because by changing our heart, changing our attitude, expanding our horizons, inspiring us to make some change, they are in fact changing the world – one person at a time, one movie at a time.

I feel movies have such a bad reputation these days. They are seen as something bad – definitely not something that should be part of your self-care routine. But I disagree.

Movies can become your best friends. For example re-watching certain films, that you know will bring joy into your life, can be the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s like meeting with an old friend.

Other times films can provide inspiration through the many powerful stories they tell. And as much as I love books and always will, there is something even more powerful about films. The fact you get to SEE the stories makes the experience much more real.

We are all different

But sometimes it can be hard to know what to watch, where to even start, or how to find the message in them. Especially with all the ‘review noise’ out there. I’m gonna be honest with you – I hate reviews. I may have been tought back at the University how to technically recognize a good film from a bad one.. but at the end of the day, it is the stories that speak to each and every one of us that make the films successful – or not. But the success of those stories will be different for each and every one of us. Because we all went through different experiences. Because two lives and two people are not the same. Therefore not all the stories will speak to us, nor the stories that will, will speak to the others. Not necessarily.

So if there’s ever just one fan for each movie, even if perhaps I personally dislike that one with passion (hello Twilight saga!), I do believe it wasn’t waste of money, I do believe there was a reason for it to be made, if there’s even one person in this world that found comfort in it or if it helped in any other way.

My approach & goals

And that’s where my two passions meet. The passion for self-healing, self-empowerment and self-growth with my passion for films.

A self-healing journey that can be fun. A self-empowering journey that can make YOU the true hero of your own biopic. And no, it doesn’t have to be drama, nor thriller 😉 It can be a pretty feel good comedy. It can be pretty romantic. It can be adventurous. It can be anything you want it to be. But you sure will be the lead. Not the supporting character anymore. And you will find your true happiness.

And I am here to guide you through that journey. To point you to the turns to take (aka films), to help you expand your horizons. To tell you, with the help of so many other dreamers (aka filmmakers) that you can make YOUR dreams a reality. That dreamers are the best people. That dreams are where it all begins.

That no dream is too big nor too small. That you can change your life. You can all turn it around.It’s never too late.

And you will be supported. By the Universe, by me, by the many awesome movies. Remember that behind every story, there is a true experience. And as such you can never be alone on your journey.


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