"So much of what I see reminds me of something I saw in a movie, when shouldn't it be the other way around?"


Hey you, rockstar!

I'm so glad you made it here! I'm M and I'm here to help you become the true lead in your very own biopic. Together we're gonna change the narrative as well as the genre of your life's movie and make all your dreams come true! Ready?



Changing the discussion about films - I'm determined to show you how you can heal your life with movies. Yes. You really can. And guess what? It's fun, too. Are you ready?

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Reflections, Society

Failing A Test From Democracy

Never have I thought that one day I’ll be writing about politics. And definitely not here on my blog. But I can no longer remain silent. I owe it to Václav Havel. I owe it to the generation that fought for our freedom. I owe it to democracy. And I just wanna say to the world that I did try to make a change..

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Reflections, Society

Time’s Up: Women Can Do More

There’s a lot wrong with the film industry, sure. As is with the world. But either we want it or not, it’s the one industry that’s loudest and can influence us the most. It can set change into motion. And the time has come for a change at last.
Because the time is up.

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Self Growth Diaries

2018: Unapologetically Me

Dear 2018, I’ve been waiting for you for a while now. Despite trying to enjoy every bit of 2017 to the fullest, and generally having fond memories of the year that has come to its close, I am excited for what’s to come because I have a feeling you’re gonna be by far the best year of my life.

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